Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards 2016 – Outstanding Rescue Cat finalist: Harry

Hi, I’m Heather Melville and our cat’s Harry. He’s a rescue cat, he’s six years old and we adopted him two years ago – or maybe he adopted us, actually! Yeah he’s brilliant, he’s just a real little stress buster to our lives in terms of everything that we’ve had going on over the past 18 months. My fiancé George is in end stage renal failure and he was lucky enough to get a call for a transplant but unfortunately that went wrong.

So that meant a lot of time for me up and down to hospital. But actually, coming home at night, if we had Harry about – they don’t know what’s going on about that, so they really get involved in terms of just wanting to be fed and looked after. Harry’s just there, you know? You come in and hes wants to see you, runs up the stairs behind you to get into the house and just gives you a chance just to take a breath! And just think about, actually, some normal things that are going on and then trying to manage everything else in life. Yeah, he gives you nothing but love.

Honestly, we talk about the fact that we rescued Harry, but he absolutely rescued us.