Environmental Hazard

Modern industry lays the material foundation for human life. The goods and services provided by industry can meet most of the basic human needs.

      However, industry is a major environmental pollutant, affecting all areas of the geographic envelope. This is due to the fact that industry as a whole covers all stages of the resource cycle – the extraction of natural raw materials, their processing, the receipt of the final product, and the return of industrial wastes to the environment, which with modern technologies usually exceed by many times the volume of usefully utilized raw materials.

      Raise money on waste

Manufacturing enterprises are the main source of garbage and raw material leftovers. Waste generation makes it necessary to search for solutions for its disposal. An alternative is the non-waste production technology, which allows the company to reduce costs on materials, the harmful effects on the environment and even make money on waste. GreenPower is here to help you.

GreenPower is an international Company of bioenergy industry that develops and manufactures environmentally friendly equipment. The company processes the following raw materials: waste of agricultural industry, other biomass, fine coal waste, hazardous waste and MSW, nutshell, seeds of fruit trees, forestry, woodworking and plant waste, waste of polymers and rubber goods, etc. The resulting products of processing:

  • Charcoal from various wood species, nut shells, briquettes Pini Kay, different plant waste;
  • Bio-char;
  • Briquettes from charcoal and coal;
  • Liquid products of pyrolysis, wood pyrolysis, polymers and rubber goods (petroleum fraction);
  • Electrical energy;
  • Activated carbon;
  • Thermal energy;
  • Fuel briquettes of different types.

      We pay great attention to the development of environmentally friendly equipment, constantly improving our products. Let’s take care of the environment together. Contact GreenPower.Equipment.