Finding the Best Hosting in Stockholm

You probably know that most IT-gurus recommend renting a server in the same region where your target audience resides. For example, if we’re talking European market, look for hosting companies there. Particularly, in Sweden VPS hosting is a good opportunity to get a great deal and be able to provide great service to your clients. 

The best type of hosting

When managing a business website, consider VPS. This type of hosting has lots of advantages.

  1. It provides a high loading speed even during peak hours.
  2. Adequate levels of security for your information and processes.
  3. Preferences for the server are completely adjustable, it’s up to you how it’ll run.
  4. No sharing with other users – all of the resources are yours and you can always plan how and when they’ll be used.

Additionally, the cost of VPN hosting is comparatively low, depending on the provider and the tariff plan, but is enough to sustain a couple of small or one large website.

Features of the good provider

One of the main important qualities of a good hosting provider is the option to provide its clients with 24/7 customer support. However, there are also other key features to look for:

  1. A facility used by this provider is highly secure, with restricted access.
  2. The server storage has a climate control system, which is both efficient and environmentally-friendly.
  3. Sufficient power backups and information storage.
  4. Accessibility for multiple platforms.

HostZealot hosting company is a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable provider, as it has all of the mentioned features. Its hosting plans range is very wide, the cheapest option costing only €2.96 a month, and the most expensive € 59.36. Keep in mind, that the latter provides 8192MB RAM, 100GB SSD, and other nice perks.

It’s a good idea to start with 512MB RAM, 10GB SSD, and 1024GB bandwidth if your website is small or medium, although you can always upgrade if the need arises. No matter the tariff plan, HostZealot will always make sure that your server is well-maintained, and supported.