Grief counselors at Vandalia-Butler

the vandalia-butler school district is in mourning after a student and her grandmother died in a car accident on sunday. 2 news reporter maytal levi spoke with the church that provided grief counselors at the school district today. first grace baptist church is about a mile down the road from morton middle school where 12-year-old gabby ellis was a 7th grader. pastor bruce jackson tells me he could feel the communities sadness when he ran errands today. that’s why the church sent counselors to the school district. their loss is our loss and it’s something that has hit the community very, very hard. bruce jackson has been the senior pastor at first grace church in vandalia for 6 years. he says the community is like family.seeing people, feeling sober. these things are issues that we could all face. it’s not to be taken lightly.

it reminds us that this life is temperal and every day is a gift.12 year old gabby ellis and her grandmother, 69-year old lois ellis were killed in a car accident on sunday.they were on nashville road heading to a wrestling match in piqua. gabby’s father was in another car and saw what happened.i know they felt like it was any other sunday and on their way to a match for gabby to be involved in and all of this im sure happened very very quickly.the community started a go fund me page for gabby, this is her pictured with her family.the page has raised nearly 13 thousand dollars so’s important for us to come together as a communitya nd make this a timne of giving.

today – morton middle school where gabby was a 7th grader brought in counselors to help students heal.some of them are from pastor jackson’s church, which is about a mile down the road.we’re stronger together than we are aparthe says it’s important the ellis family knows the community is standing behind one can perfectly know how the ellis family is feelingeven if there are no answers for what happened…in a moment like you that, you grieve and you say why? why this family? why at this time? and i think in this life we just dont have all those answers.he says life is precious and hopes this is a reminder this holiday season to hold your family a little tighter.we may not know if this is our last christmas together. the time that we spend is going to be something that we’ll look back on as a memory that has passed away. the church is holding a christmas concert on thursday and decided to take donations for the gabby ellis’s go fund me page.