How can RouteGenie be useful?

Recently, NEMT services have become more and more popular. Such companies provide an irreplaceable service of transportation for the elderly or people with disabilities. It is necessary for a service to come to your aid on time. Moreover, NEMT needs to choose the right vehicle, control the client’s requests, etc. This means that every company needs additional help to improve performance. RouteGenie is one of the most popular and reliable software for NEMT services. 

What is our goal?

RouteGenie comes up with your company’s development systems, control schedules, routing, and billings. Our actions are aimed at improving the service, thereby satisfying the wishes of customers, increasing profits, and reducing the cost of fuel or repairs. We select the most profitable routes that save time and money. Our company has created an application in which the driver can communicate with customers, find out routes, requests, and so on. Moreover, the driver will be able to contact dispatchers in real-time. We will always be in touch to help you in emergencies on the road.

NEMT company will not have problems with academic performance with our help because we will carefully come up with a plan. They can forget about paper documentation. RouteGenie technologies allow companies to keep everything in order with the help of databases. This means you can find any information anytime. 

We believe to help non-emergency medical transportation be better and more efficient. RouteGenie also can help to limit your costs and improve income by effectively routing the trips for destinations. We identify the capacity of each vehicle to save the driver’s time and labor. RouteGenie is suitable for both small businesses and large ones. Moreover, we choose a development strategy based on the company’s needs. If you are interested in our service, contact us!