Our Favorite Zero Tolerance Knives | Knife Banter Ep. 42

Today at Blade HQ. We’re looking at a whole bunch of Zero Tolerance knives They’re coming out with these cool designs that are super neat But every now and then it’s like this is their show knife and to me, this is the ultimate flex of muscle. For sure. What is up guys today, at Blade HQ, we’re looking at a whole bunch of Zero Tolerance knives, I’m Ben I’m Zack and I’m Matthew. Matthew why are you on the show today? I am a big fan of Zero Tolerance knives I like the designs, and I really like the way that they’re put together there are super high quality knives across the board. beautiful Matthew is also the video editor. You know him because you watch the knife bender I’m just gonna give Matthew a round of applause. Don’t do it! I said No! very good Zack let’s dive into the first set of ZT knives here.

What have we got all right so what we have here is actually kind of a Little family and it kicks off with the 0450 or the four fifty whichever way you like to say it I know there’s variants and all four of these knives S35vn steel blade some are carbon some are Ti. What are the rest of the names on these knives here so this one you’ve got as the 450 right I usually leave off the first zero because they all have a first zero yeah So that’s the 450 this one right here You can show those next few shows sure yeah, so this is the 450CF underneath the 450 just means carbon fiber here, we’ve got the 452 this is the 450’s larger brother. This is actually the 452CF excuse me so there you have it and This is the 460 Another Sinkevich design, so we said, this is a family why is this a family here? So I would classify it kind of the 450 and the 452 as one family and The 460 is actually getting a larger brother. This is the 0462. Last year we released the model called the Oh 460 which was a smaller knife As you can see here at the top so all Dimitri syncovich designs never thinking I don’t know how ZT is they use premium materials, so you’re looking at titanium You’re looking at carbon fiber all of those knives are wet s35vn s35vn so premium materials, and you’re gonna pay a premium price Zero-tolerance knives don’t come in under no so the actually these ones aren’t too bad So you’re looking at for these smaller guys the smaller three right around 180 okay, and then for the bigger guy about 220, okay? so you definitely start to pay once you get sugar sure, but when you think about I mean the The proofs in the pudding proofs in the name zero tolerance right there.

They’re very tight tolerance knives all made in the USA Fair price, I think for the materials yes, but definitely a couple bucks right nice who else is designing for zero tolerance. Oh? next up is yeah, we got some hinder designs rolling and this one is the 562 carbon fiber see yeah, that’s correct Yeah, so this is something yeah This is something with ZT you guys that this big thing with me is I’m horrible with numbers like good with names with numbers So I’m gonna stutter a little bit with these I’m gonna apologize right out the gate Which be honest like I like names on knives actually it.

Just helps me remember it. Helps me remember I feel like these are sophisticated beyond my yeah my capacity yeah I’m just I’m just a grew up with the knife right now me. I don’t I don’t mind the numbers I actually think they’re easier to remember a lot of times than names because names have to remember how they’re spelled oh, yeah See, I don’t worry about that. That’s my forte Okay back to the 562 CF. We’ve got The blade steel on this is 20CV. Yep, and this is actually they’re moving all their knife steel to 20CV this coming year that’s what they said at shot show pretty exciting so that’s pretty cool as a ZT guy.

How do you feel about that? I mean I like 20 CV. It’s really I mean I would say it’s one of the best at edge retention and It’s got good corrosion resistance I think another cool thing with that is that it’s a us-based deal. It is pushes Gt’s big really big on right. Yeah, absolutely that’s kind of their their thing is like the made in the USA Yeah, totally nice so hinders knives if you’re familiar with his factory customs They all have the lock bar stabilizer, which they’ve implemented here They’ve got the lock bar insert all of that jazz the next one as well fun Story on that one Actually, it has an over travel stop on the back here, and it’s also got an over travel stop in the lock bar insert So it’s got to over travel stops So you would have to like break your thumb trying to hear that lock bar over.

That should we try it? I don’t know you wanna know. That’s that’s cool Interesting like you said over built over built totally over built. Yep, and that’s kind of their motto isn’t it the yep? Yeah, well like built like a tank don’t like it’s a it’s like yeah. Okay. What’s the other hinder? We’re looking at this is the? 0392 so this one’s a limited edition one this is actually from Austin over an epic snuggle bunny We have a couple of his knives on the table so go check out his channel epic snuggle bunny this one is was a really popular one and It’s also got the lock bar over travel. Why did I call it that? It’s the lock bar stabilizer. Thank you They lock bar stabilizer, and I’m a big fan. I I Don’t own a single ZT.

It doesn’t pass the patented fingers test. yeah exactly They don’t make a single knife under three inches from what I’ve seen so far show us then finger test yes Can I get my finger to the end of that knife and? On not a single one of these can I do that and basically if it’s under if it’s over three inches I don’t buy them so I think that’s an indicator of their overall strategy Don’t sell knives to Ben for one And two they’re building knives that are over built for folks that are hard using their knives. They need a longer blade I don’t need a longer blade. I’m a glorified paper pusher here at blade HQ and Just don’t need it, so Yeah, it doesn’t pass my test yeah, but here’s the thing that I like about the longer blade It usually gives you a longer handle, which there’s more to hang on to which personally I like but anyways the reason we have this knife on the table.

It’s because there’s a new one coming out to 393 Very similar to this one they’re both based off of the Hinderer eclipse We’ve taken the the Oh 392 model which is based on Rick’s Eclipse And then we’ve added these these g10 texture and overlays that are a lot like his new dagger model right yeah The Maximus now is that gonna be kind of one of these limited run exclusive mono So that one’s gonna be mine melons gonna be in the lineup. Oh this one was limited, and so if you want one It’s too bad It’s gone because that’s something ZT does quite a bit do ya is they they will release these kind of limited runs And it’s like if you missed you missed it yeah And we have a couple others from Austin that were limited runs the only thing we’ll talk about those in a minute guys We’re gonna go to a quick commercial break.

We’ll be back in just a second Hey guys, if you’re watching the video chances Are you like ziti knives? And if you do we have a discontinued sale going on right now ladies q comm we’ve got some really awesome knives like this Six – OH or this 909 so make sure to get on bleach be calm and check them out Alright guys, and we are back from commercial break one thing we failed to mention Is there is a deep carry pocket clip for the O 450 series now the over 50? I think is a fantastic knife except. It has a non. Deep carry clip which some people don’t mind I personally mind, so you can throw this deep carry clip from who makes these MXG gear this who makes them, yeah? We’ve got myself on different flavors, so whatever flavor you like best. It’s nice. Ok, let’s dive into ZT history here for a minute We’re gonna jump into the O 350 now the funny thing about this one is it as a Ken Onion design It’s got speed safe in it so it opens.

It is an assistant opener just hit the Flipper right there, it opens right up now Here’s the thing about Ken Onion, and we’re trying to get the story from Ken Ken’s at the dentist right now We’re waiting for method for a text from him so the texts come is in we’ll share it with you guys But from what I understand Ken Onion kind of came up the idea of zero tolerance knives pitched it to Kershaw ZT came out of that idea so the initial run of Zero tolerance knives was all Ken Onion knives so the 350 very well-built overbuilt And this is kind of indicative of where they started to me very chunky Overbuilt knives take a look at that liner lock. I mean its enormous It’s a serious liner lock. Yeah form a reversible pocket clip g10 Handle scales so this was designed as an american-made beefy brand and the three 50s still on the line from Ken Onion and zero tolerance knives now in the past probably two years They’ve sort of evolved into the over 50 some slimmer stuff.

It’s still over built That’s really well well built stuff But this to me is where ZT started and it’s pretty darn cool to see that the evolution of where they’ve come from totally What’s the next anomalous? Next up. We’ve got the oh five five oh And this one’s actually really interesting, I’ll actually show it before I open it It’s got this SLT tab here, which we just learned was spring-loaded to bring loaded tab sneaky little tab and you just pull that back and then boom it comes right out and then Clipping on the backside the tabs out of the road, which yeah, it totally disappears the mechanism which Totalus Yeah, so a really neat knife, and this one’s got S35vn for this blade steel, and it’s right hand left-handed.

However you wanna cut that back spacer yeah Look at that. It’s your favorite color. I know I Played test as well as the is it anodized blue No, if they don’t like it failed the three inch test I know but it’s got that analyzation yeah It’s so tempting yeah this I see this one is pretty unique in Z T’s lineup in that it’s like It’s got all these really sharp lines and angles on it whereas all the rest are kind of That means some of them are sharp, but more of them are like contoured I would say and this one’s just Straight-up sharp and this one’s a Cecchini design isn’t it or? How do you say his name cool great? Let’s just go see TC There it is Stav oh t.

Yeah, I cannot I have known how to say his last name I Apologize, but yeah, this is one of his designs I think that’s where that unique blue ship comes from this is something that ZT does is they work with I mean if we seen On the table they work with a lot of they do some stuff in-house But they do work with a lot of custom guys as well, which is really yeah for SOG What’s next next step is the? 850 and this is a collaboration between Todd Rexford and Dimitri’s syncovich syncovich designed these before 50 to 452 in 461 is an interesting knife. It’s got this whole six-shooter theme if you can see that there It’s got six years six years six shooter.

This is a back spacer Yeah, that’s a six year as well, so it’s kind of executed to like the finer details Yeah, which is really pleased to show the back spacer to this angle oh? Man, yeah, go ahead get that angle right there it almost looks like the barrel of a gun Yeah, it’s pretty darn cool beautiful blue twill carbon-fiber on this one. Yeah lock bar insert You’ve got milled titanium again everything that Does it’s the finest it’s exquisite and that’s got a s the 20v we up 20 CV break blade on that so one thing about zero tolerance that they have a tendency to do they work with A limited number of designers you got in there, Kershaw line they’ve got a few designers in there ZT line They’ve got even fewer designers.

You’ve got some companies like CRKT their lineup of designers. It’s like 40 deep Zero tolerance is what six maybe yeah Probably puts their house designs this one is an RJ Martin design And this one is actually from epic snuggle bunnies collection as well it is What is unique about this particular one so it’s you can’t buy it now No, what can you buy in the future so in the future this one is the 0606CF in the future? They’re coming out with near future. I should say coming out with the 0609 which is essentially a scaled-down version of this this is the oh six oh nine But it’s also got this pivotless pivot That’s really the cool thing sure about this one is that if you look at it You can actually see right through the pivot, which is really neat Kind of the downside to that though is that in order to have this you need like $25 exactly yeah a special tool in order to take your knife apart, which it’s a well designed tool It’s really it is because I shot I was actually worried about it being two little pieces But it’s got like this really neat like magnetic function to it.

It’s 25 bucks Sure, but it does give you this really neat design and that’s I think this is a perfect case study in Zero Tolerance design because They don’t really care if you need an extra tool It looks cool, so we’re doing it yeah, and I think you can see that in in some of their design Sense is if it looks cool. If it functions. Well. We’re gonna do it It’s kind of like why did we go to the moon because we could? That’s kind of zero tolerance attitude is like why did we like make a blade with Two different blade steels because we could yeah, it’s in some ways.

It’s it’s flexing creative and Manufacturing most absolutely yeah very nice next on the list guys actually, but we’re going to this one I’m just gonna tease it. This is an Anso design. We’re gonna do a quick mailbag mailbag Can’t forget the mailbag One of the comments is I wasn’t sure if this was Zack or Lucas burn live from a previous video Zack and Lucas do have a likeness I’m not gonna lie so at SHOT Show I was reviewing a lot of the comments making sure I was hearing you guys his feedback so we could try to make each successive video better and I wasn’t getting the whole twin thing the jokes where this camp comment came from and then I watched the video like later and Watch the whole thing.

I was like. Oh, wow okay. I see now you could have the same mother Yeah, maybe possible a lot of comments about Zack Zack is growing on me. This is my life on Earth even with the Wheelhouse comment he makes all the time I guess that’s the thing I guess I don’t know where that came from but I know I say it once or twice at show so I thought I thought they Would have said something about great knife all the way around right. Yeah, yeah So the people who haven’t watched this far in the video. They’ve already commented on your fingernails in your grocery yes So my hands look like this because last night I was rebuilding an engine and you might see their little pink cuz I’ve scrubbed them and scrubbed them And I cannot get all the grease off.

Those are your hands I? Was doing good work. You know of it well Zack is a real working man and his hands off to nerf like that It’s so solid and then one last comment from shimobe 94 I was literally searching for no TF comparison video a couple days ago. It’s like you guys read my freaking mind We do that’s that’s what we do in the creepiest way possible.

Yeah, of course Very good guys. Let’s dive into the next one Matthew and the number on this one. 0220 I cannot give the numbers to save my life now like if there were a quiz at the end no No, we’re not no I do like a run down the line. I gave you the 0450 okay Well, you know three focus so then these are off the table, but then the round No, this is the 0220 S35 the in blade yeah, see I got some numbers there And it’s a titanium handle you got that beautiful anodized back spacer Lock bar insert. Deep carry clip he ends on so design this one was new for 2017. I believe right that’s right. Yeah, very nice again pulling on great designers with Solid design sense yeah now this one’s a left and right hand right it is that common across Everything that I know from ZT most of it allows a left or right hand carry yeah Yeah, exactly think they’re more limited knives they kind of do like just a single carry option Okay, like for instance the RJ Martin and the triple nine Which we’ll talk about later right those only have like tip up right carry cool, but yeah Coolest oh oh oh oh oh Go ahead no.

I was waiting for you. I don’t start it Again Titanium handle, what’s this deal on this one Zak? S35vn I believe on that deep cake lip lock bar insert Beautiful piece Todd rector design, I probably mentioned these all run on the KVT ball bearings What is a KVT most of them is basically ikbs 4 ZT/Kershaw right? Yeah, so if you take the knife apart you get like this washer That essentially has like I think six maybe more ball bearings inside of it, and so it keeps them all together Ikbs everything is like you open it up And you get like a trillion little balls fallin over the place where where is this? They’re all contained. It’s it’s nice and neat It’s a beautiful. Yeah. I really like Todd Rexford designs The 0804CF that’s actually one of my favorite knife designs. It sadly was discontinued, but Matthew bought two of them. Yeah Matthew what are the real chances of you breaking one pretty slow, okay? Thank you Have a problem, maybe it’s a good problem. Okay, so all of the ones. We’ve looked at so far are designed by custom knife man custom knife designers the last one on the table is Not the case don’t with this one, so it’s the oh nine nine nine How many nines all behind Oh zero nine zero zero I think 0999 is referred to this is a house designed from ZT and to me This is the ultimate flex the muscle for sure yeah, you look at the blade And it’s actually got this line of copper right there And that’s because they’ve braised together the swedge of d2 steel up here and CTS 204 P steel right there And you know it’s a flex even more they’ve put a little carbon fiber insert right in the middle of it.

It’s crazy It’s insane, but it’s kind of like why did we do it because yeah, because I could might be out of the minute Yeah, sure if this is this is the ultimate moon piece to me. Yeah? So in my mind this isn’t a word it is an award winner yeah But they knew going out with this one. It was an award winner and They’re coming out with these cool designs that are super neat But every now and then it’s like This is their show knife for sure so and they’ve done it previously with the triple 7 That was a huge favor my knife enthusiasm the triple eight I don’t know if it was quite as popular as a triple 7, but this one you know It’s just I mean it’s gorgeous look at anything. I don’t know I drew all over this thing in my sleep, so You have to leave it in yeah Guys let us know which knife on the table you would take home with you for me it so 450 I know you’re gonna say that yeah, it doesn’t meet the bend test.

No, but it’s super slimming pocket. What about you, Matthew? That’s triple nine Yeah, I think so. No it’s just the most limited. Yeah, the cool. It’s the most coolest What do I use ik I think I have to go that triple nine. It’s hard. Yeah It’s like it’s like really outside of where I normally live with my knives hold it But there’s just there’s just something about like just the metallurgy nerdness of it I just really like it the construction is amazing It is semi integral construction exactly yeah And I think that you guys were using the right word flex right less knife has flex, and I don’t yeah I just really like it. I really like it I think it’s nice huge shout out to epic snuggle bunny for loaning us three of his knives from his epic collection We’ll have another video coming out for you guys next week.

Thanks for watching Are we doing this Important work me Monday already happened .