Recommendations for backing up your VPS

The backup is a very important thing to save your VPS. Many envious competitors can hinder the development of your project and the server may be destroyed by DDoS-hacking anytime, therefore, you should be careful and make a backup regularly to save information. Remember that the safety of your employees is also in your hands. Moreover, you can lose access to the project that you have been working on for a very long time. Host-World has collected the most important tips to avoid these problems. Today’s article is going to be useful for many people. 

Which rules should be followed when backing up the VPS?

  1. First, check your server backups regularly to be sure of your safety. It’s best to make backups as often as possible because you don’t know when you might be hacked. For an average website, we recommend making a backup at least once a month to a local machine or another server. And make a daily backup for the last 7 days using a CMS site or hosting;
  1. Plan what needs to be saved and where. Such a strategy will help you avoid difficulties during hacking or when you urgently need to transfer files from one server to another;
  1. Choose the right utility for backup the VPS hosting Moldova. You can use the Mondo Rescue. It is a free utility with open source, allows you to easily create a complete copy of an entire Linux server in ISO format on CD, DVD, USB, HDD, or NFS. It also allows you to quickly restore this copy to your server. If necessary, you can choose to restore only individual files. The main advantage of this system is its simplicity in use and the ability to create a full backup of the server without interrupting its work;
  1. The next point is a place where you will save the backup. There are several options, for example, in the directory with the site. It is used for quick copies before making changes to the site content. You also can have another dedicated server or HDD. 

Today, the data or information of any business are the most important components. Data loss can be a serious problem for your business project. No one should know your secret information. Learn more about managing the VPS with!